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Caterpillar D5 & D6 Bulldozers plant hire

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- Can manoeuvre on soft and uneven ground
- Come with a range of attachments
- Great for general excavation or site preparation

Do you need to carry out general excavation work for site preparation?

Our small-sized D5 & medium-sized D6 Caterpillar Bulldozer hire will do the job.

The Bulldozer’s wide tracks help distribute the machine’s weight over a large area. This reduces the ground pressure and prevents the Bulldozer from sinking into soft ground.

The Bulldozer is easy to manoeuvre and has great stability, making it easy and safe to use on-site.

Ideal for land clearing and construction projects. All our plant hire is operated by our trained team, helping make efficient work of any project.

Enquire today about our Bulldozer hire.

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