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As the owner of land that contains or borders a watercourse, you have certain responsibilities to maintain those watercourses in a way that lets water flow naturally.

You may have to carry out dredging to remove silt, blockages, fallen trees or overhanging branches from your watercourse. You may also need to cut back trees and shrubs on the bank if they could reduce the water flow or cause flooding to other landowners’ property. Be aware that you may have to pay damages if this happens through your failure to maintain free-flowing water.

A watercourse can be a:

  • river
  • brook
  • beck
  • ditch
  • stream
  • leat
  • goyle
  • rhyne
  • culvert

A culvert is an underground structure that water can flow through. We can help you maintain healthy land and borders, keeping ditches and dykes clear with our land and forestry maintenance service.

We offer a comprehensive range of ditch and watercourse maintenance services with our skilled, experienced workforce and use of specialist equipment.

Maintaining your water and land surrounding your watercourse reduces your risks to flooding and can reclaim previously lost land. We have various operated machinery to help with your maintenance dredging.

Whether you need to dredge out and upgrade an existing silted-up and overgrown ditch or watercourse or whether you need to excavate a new ditch or watercourse and construct new culverts, we can help.

Services include:
Dredging and regrading existing silted-up or overgrown ditches and watercourses
Excavating new ditches and watercourses
Constructing new culverts and flow reduction systems
Pond and lake construction

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