The Timmins family has been a dedicated contractor and plant hire service provider since 1975.

Our values are the same today as they were over 35 years ago – a commitment to providing excellent agricultural and construction groundworks, underground irrigation works, farm contracting, operated plant hire, land maintenance, machinery and equestrian groundworks.

Based in the Midlands, K W Timmins & Sons is steered by Will and specialises in construction, agricultural contracting and plant hire in Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Newark and Yorkshire.

We're based in the East Midlands in Lincolnshire but serve Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

K W Timmins work within a 50-mile radius of the site in Sturton by Stow, Lincoln.

Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire 50 mile radius of Lincoln agricultural contractor K W Timmins
K W Timmins agricultural engineers full construction package Lincoln

Why choose K W Timmins & Sons?

Groundworks and agricultural contracting services for farmers Lincolnshire

We are a long standing contractor that has been established since 1975

Save time with K W Timmins Lincoln

We get all the work done when it needs to be done. You can trust us to get it completed

Trusted agricultural contractors K W Timmins Lincolnshire

You can trust us to be reliable and to carry out a high quality service