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At KW Timmins, we offer a comprehensive range of agricultural contracting services from one-off operations and stubble-to-stubble contracts to full-contract farming arrangements.

With our skilled and experienced workforce and fleet of modern high output machinery & tractors for all arable operations, we are able to maintain timeliness and attention to detail at all times. At K W Timmins & Sons, we’ve carried out agricultural contracts since 1975, with great success. Our team hold an expert knowledge of farming and cultivation and have spent over 3 decades fulfilling a wide variety of agricultural operations.

We provide our operated plant hire and accompanying services to farms across Lincolnshire who maybe don’t have the resources to carry it out themselves, or would just prefer a team to have it done for them. We welcome any and all enquiries. The list below is by no means all that we offer, so if you’d like to get in touch with a specific service that isn’t listed then please do. With that said, some of our popular contracts are included below.

Arable Services include:

  • Soil cultivation through:
    • GPS (Global Positioning Systems) controlled Fertiliser Spreading – Crop Spreading
    • Stubble cultivation
    • Ploughing
    • Culti pressing
    • Subsoiling
    • Mole draining
  • GPS controlled Variable Rate Vaderstad Drilling and seed application
  • Combine harvesting and grain carting

All cultivation work is carried out with rubber tracked crawlers. See more on Agricultural.

Agricultural Contracting services: Interested to know more?