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Vermeer 5750 4 Wheel Drive Trencher plant hire

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- Precision trench digging
- Backfill made easy
- Laser guidance for laying pipework

Need to quickly and accurately dig trenches for the laying of drains and pipelines?

Our Vermeer 5750 4WD (4 wheel drive) Trencher hire is perfect for the job.

Equipped for tough trenching jobs, our 4WD Trenchers dig a vertical trench with precision to avoid turf damage. Each has a maximum digging depth of 1.5m and a maximum digging width of 200mm.

The Vermeer 4WD Trencher comes complete with laser guidance for laying drains and pipelines with accuracy and a backfill blade for filling in the trench after pipes have been laid.

Our operated Trencher hire is suitable for laying pipes, wires, and creating drainage, or as our pipe laying service.

Contact us today to hear more about our operated rugged trencher for hire.


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