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K W Timmins can advise you on the best and most responsible ways of clearing your land as well as giving you the practical support you might need.

Forestry Mulching
Hiring our Forestry Mulcher is ideal for land clearances where access is an issue. Our machinery has a reaching arm that can help get into tight spaces and target precise trees and shrubs. We can deliver our forestry mulch as part of a site clearance or as a standalone service. Using a rotary drum, vegetation can be shredded quickly and effortlessly.

Effective mulching on-site makes for less waste removal. Turning organic waste into small particles to redistribute back into the earth. Our mulching heads can take care of a range of purposes including:

  • Hedgerows
  • Trail Creation
  • Tree Clearance
  • Scrub Clearance
  • Woodland Management
  • Heathland Clearance

Our range of forestry mulchers can clear vegetation using superior rotary drums to grind and mulch even the toughest forestry. If this mulched waste needs removal, our team can effectively clear the debris created and dispose of/recycle it.

Our team can operate forestry mulching machinery for a range of scenarios, like power line clearance, and hedge trimming. Reducing the material into the topsoil or creating windows of mulched material to be removed from the site.

All mulching is carried out by our experienced team using the correct assortment of flail heads for the job, mounted to our John Deere 6930 tractor.

For forestry mulching near or partially on roads, we use relevant signage and safety lighting vis-a-vis the highway code.

Learn more about forestry mulching here.

K W Timmins can undertake any size of mulching project using our heavy plant machinery and experienced Forestry Mulching teams. We’re based in Lincoln but serve Nottingham and Norfolk areas too. Get in Touch Today and enquire about your Forestry Mulching on 01427 788009




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