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K W Timmins can advise you on the best and most responsible ways of clearing your land as well as giving you the practical support you might need.

Site clearance may include Demolition, Excavation and the Disposal/Recycling of Waste Materials. At KW Timmins, we operate a full site clearance service to remove rubble and debris ready for construction works.

Our recycling procedures usually involve crushing or screening excavated site material to extract reusable aggregates. You can then reuse the aggregate within your own project. This helps to reduce the cost of sending materials to landfill.

Waste that cannot be recycled will need to be removed from your site either by you or by our trained workforce using our specialist equipment. If you require our help for this, our team will dispose of the waste legally and responsibly ready for your next stage of site preparation. This is especially important in relation to any contaminated waste or hazardous products such as asbestos.

We offer full site clearance services, as well as a variety of other groundwork services including site excavation and land clearance, so you only have to deal with one company, KW Timmins. We operate an armada of machinery that’s perfect for every clearance job we do. Trees and shrubbery needing a clear? We have mulchers for that. Do pipes & cables need laying after? We have trenchers for that too. Browse our range of services on offer and see how we are prepared for any job.

You can learn more about Site Clearance on the government’s own website here.


Site Preparation may involve Levelling and Stabilising the ground. This might involve building retaining walls and embankments. Further preparation may, for instance, involve the installation of Drainage Systems, the Diversion of Services, the construction of Foundations, Concreting and the creation of Access Roads. These services are optional, but if you will require additional groundworks then KW Timmins can manage these services too.


K W Timmins can undertake any size of Groundworks project using our heavy plant machinery and experienced Site Clearance teams. We’re based in Lincoln but serve Nottingham and Norfolk areas too. Get in Touch Today and enquire about your site clearance on 01427 788009


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