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Is concrete flooring part of your project plan?

KW Timmins has highly skilled technicians who work with the latest Laser Screed Concrete technology.

Through a combination of electro-hydraulic controls and laser guides, the results of laser screed concrete are highly accurate, consistent, and fast.

Our specialist equipment allows us to lay large areas of concrete flooring in much less time than traditional hand laying methods and achieve a precise flat and level surface. Achieving flatness tolerances of FM2 over large areas.

A great solution for when flat floors are a must. There’s no need to “eyeball” or check manually, our machines are laser-levelled and always leave a great result. Not only does the machine level, it also vibrates the laid concrete mixture to expel trapped air bubbles – Leaving a strong concrete floor.

Interested in laser screed concrete? Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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