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K W Timmins has 30+ years experience in providing Groundwork services, including Utility Cable & Water Pipe Laying.

Our specialist 4 wheel drive Trencher is perfect for digging trenches to hold Utility Cables and Water Pipes. It is capable of precision digging to a depth of 1.5 metres and to a width of 200mm. Fast and accurate laying of cables and pipework is made possible by laser guidance. And finally, backfill of the trench is made straightforward by the use of the Trencher’s Backfill Blade.

This pipe-laying method is perfect for water and waster water pipes; ploughing through ground to find a path suitable for laying pipes and utility cables. This width of the entrenchment is narrow but deep. This makes the laying precise and accurate which reduces excess usage of materials.

Available from KW Timmins throughout Lincoln, Nottingham, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Get in touch to enquire today on 01427 788009

Utility cable and water pipe laying Lincolnshire

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