Site Clearance & Preparation

Site clearance may include Demolition, Excavation and the Disposal/Recycling of Waste Materials. At KW Timmins, we operate a full site clearance service to remove rubble and debris ready for construction works.

Our recycling procedures usually involve crushing or screening excavated site material to extract reusable aggregates. You can then reuse the aggregate within your own project. This helps to reduce the cost of sending materials to landfill.

Waste that cannot be recycled will need to be removed from your site either by you or by our trained workforce using our specialist equipment. If you require our help for this, our team will dispose of the waste legally and responsibly ready for your next stage of site preparation. This is especially important in relation to any contaminated waste or hazardous products such as asbestos.

We offer full site clearance services, as well as a variety of other groundwork services including site excavation and land clearance, so you only have to deal with one company, KW Timmins. We operate an armada of machinery that’s perfect for every clearance job we do. Trees and shrubbery needing a clear? We have mulchers for that. Do pipes & cables need laying after? We have trenchers for that too. Browse our range of services on offer and see how we are prepared for any job.

You can learn more about Site Clearance on the government’s own website here.


Site Preparation may involve Levelling and Stabilising the ground. This might involve building retaining walls and embankments. Further preparation may, for instance, involve the installation of Drainage Systems, the Diversion of Services, the construction of Foundations, Concreting and the creation of Access Roads. These services are optional, but if you will require additional groundworks then KW Timmins can manage these services too.


K W Timmins can undertake any size of Groundworks project using our heavy plant machinery and experienced Site Clearance teams. We’re based in Lincoln but serve Nottingham and Norfolk areas too. Get in Touch Today and enquire about your site clearance on 01427 788009


Welding & Fabrication

Services include:
Bespoke Fabrication of Agricultural Machinery
Agricultural and Plant Machinery Repairs and Alterations
Fabrication and welding ( for example, fabricating steel hydrants, risers and steel bends for use within underground irrigation systems)

We can weld and fabricate for a range of commercial purposes, just get in touch and ask our team.

Pond & Lake Construction

We will work with you from the initial design & planning through to completion of your new pond or lake.

Maybe you are looking to start a fishery or require a large water feature as part of your construction project? Or maybe you are a homeowner looking to create a pond in your garden.

With our wide range of excavation and transportation machinery, we can readily create the right heights and levels of ground for your project.

Given your unique dimensions and specifications (raised ponds, water levels), we can effectively excavate the ground for a variety of ponds and lakes that encourage natural wildlife to flourish.

We protect all existing features of your garden or landscape throughout the build – ensuring you the best quality service and job completion.

Agricultural Contracting

With our skilled and experienced workforce and fleet of modern high output machinery & tractors for all arable operations, we are able to maintain timeliness and attention to detail at all times when carrying out our agricultural services for your business. At K W Timmins & Sons, we’ve carried out agricultural contracts since 1975, with great success. Our team hold an expert knowledge of farming and cultivation and have spent over 3 decades fulfilling a wide variety of agricultural operations.

We provide our operated plant hire and accompanying farming operations to farms and growers across Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and East Anglia, who maybe don’t have the resources to carry it out themselves, or would just prefer a professional team of agricultural contractors to have it done for them.

We welcome any and all enquiries. The list below is by no means all that we offer, we have an extensive range of services, so if you’d like to get in touch with a specific service that isn’t listed then please do. With that said, some of our popular contracts are included below.

Arable Services include:

  • Soil cultivation through:
    • GPS (Global Positioning Systems) controlled Fertiliser Spreading – Crop Spreading
    • Stubble cultivation
    • Ploughing
    • Culti pressing
    • Subsoiling
    • Mole draining
  • GPS controlled Variable Rate Vaderstad Drilling and seed application
  • Combine harvesting and grain carting
  • Crop yield
  • Mowing, Tedding and Raking
  • Drilling
  • Straw Supply
  • Hedge cutting and ditching
  • Agricultural haulage
  • Forestry Mulching

All cultivation work is carried out with rubber tracked crawlers. See more on Agricultural.

Access Roadway Construction

The exact construction techniques will depend on the existing ground and how the track/roadway will be used. Our roadway construction solutions are tailored to your build needs.

Wherever possible we use the stony materials extracted from the site clearance. This involves crushing & screening your mixed excavation materials. We can then create a hard and durable surface from the extracted aggregates, or a combination of new and existing aggregates.

Recycling materials in this way is better for the environment and better for your pocket. You save on transporting and landfill-tipping costs. Plus, you save on the buying-in of aggregates.

Get in touch for competitive pricing on your access roadway construction by K W Timmins & Sons Ltd.

Underground Irrigation Systems

We offer a full design, installation and repair service for all of your underground irrigation system needs, for both clean and dirty water on sites across Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

Services include:

  • Excavating and laying new underground mains and extending existing mains
  • Excavating wastewater lagoons
  • Fabricating steel hydrant risers and steel bends
  • Pumping systems and pump repairs
  • Repairing existing underground mains
  • Supplying PVC & PE pipe and Viking Johnson compression couplings

Utility Cable & Water Pipe Laying

Our specialist 4 wheel drive Trencher is perfect for digging trenches to hold Utility Cables and Water Pipes. It is capable of precision digging to a depth of 1.5 metres and to a width of 200mm. Fast and accurate laying of cables and pipework is made possible by laser guidance. And finally, backfill of the trench is made straightforward by the use of the Trencher’s Backfill Blade.

This pipe-laying method is perfect for water and waster water pipes; ploughing through ground to find a path suitable for laying pipes and utility cables. This width of the entrenchment is narrow but deep. This makes the laying precise and accurate which reduces excess usage of materials.

Available from KW Timmins throughout Lincoln, Nottingham, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Get in touch to enquire today on 01427 788009


The installation of foul and surface water drainage is part of the groundworks carried out on site before starting on the above-ground construction.

In addition to general excavating machines, we have specialist plant to precision-dig suitable trenches. Pipework is placed accurately through a laser guidance system. Backfilling of the drainage trenches is done quickly and easily with the use of a specialist blade attachment.

We also provide a construction and maintenance service for the Ditches & Watercourses that form part of a land drainage system.

Laser Screed Concrete

KW Timmins has highly skilled technicians who work with the latest Laser Screed Concrete technology.

Through a combination of electro-hydraulic controls and laser guides, the results of laser screed concrete are highly accurate, consistent, and fast.

Our specialist equipment allows us to lay large areas of concrete flooring in much less time than traditional hand laying methods and achieve a precise flat and level surface. Achieving flatness tolerances of FM2 over large areas.

A great solution for when flat floors are a must. There’s no need to “eyeball” or check manually, our machines are laser-levelled and always leave a great result. Not only does the machine level, it also vibrates the laid concrete mixture to expel trapped air bubbles – Leaving a strong concrete floor.

Interested in laser screed concrete? Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching
Hiring our Forestry Mulcher is ideal for land clearances where access is an issue. Our machinery has a reaching arm that can help get into tight spaces and target precise trees and shrubs. We can deliver our forestry mulch as part of a site clearance or as a standalone service. Using a rotary drum, vegetation can be shredded quickly and effortlessly.

Effective mulching on-site makes for less waste removal. Turning organic waste into small particles to redistribute back into the earth. Our mulching heads can take care of a range of purposes including:

  • Hedgerows
  • Trail Creation
  • Tree Clearance
  • Scrub Clearance
  • Woodland Management
  • Heathland Clearance

Our range of forestry mulchers can clear vegetation using superior rotary drums to grind and mulch even the toughest forestry. If this mulched waste needs removal, our team can effectively clear the debris created and dispose of/recycle it.

Our team can operate forestry mulching machinery for a range of scenarios, like power line clearance, and hedge trimming. Reducing the material into the topsoil or creating windows of mulched material to be removed from the site.

All mulching is carried out by our experienced team using the correct assortment of flail heads for the job, mounted to our John Deere 6930 tractor.

For forestry mulching near or partially on roads, we use relevant signage and safety lighting vis-a-vis the highway code.

Learn more about forestry mulching here.

K W Timmins can undertake any size of mulching project using our heavy plant machinery and experienced Forestry Mulching teams. We’re based in Lincoln but serve Nottingham and Norfolk areas too. Get in Touch Today and enquire about your Forestry Mulching on 01427 788009