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Faced with a site full of stone & concrete waste? No problem!

Faced with a site full of stone & concrete waste? No problem!
We offer a full concrete crushing hire and screening service for your excavated site material.

We can undertake the work of on-site clearance for you using our concrete crusher & screening to leave aggregates for other use.

Concrete crushing hire saves on landfill tipping costs and space, making it an environmentally friendlier way of disposing of concrete waste on demolition projects. Our high capacity concrete crushers make short work of bulky debris and waste, breaking it up into a manageable size. The waste is then power screened through mesh to size out the stone and concrete pieces.

Screening of the crushed concrete allows you to extract concrete aggregate of a given size; to reuse within your project and get rid of unwanted aggregate, splitting the different materials. Our long and high pile height conveyers can then spread out waste into areas. Removing rock debris from site gives more space for working and offers dust suppression.

We hold permits given by West Lindsey District Council to operate our mobile plant activity & concrete crushing hire.

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